O que os clientes precisam saber sobre você



Ótimas primeiras impressões são importantes, mas pode ser tentador contar muitas coisas a clientes potenciais logo de cara. Esta lista com cinco pontos é o nosso guia para começar bem uma relação com um cliente



You are a specialist

In the first contact with a new client, share your areas of expertise, how long you have worked with painting, and contacts with colleagues with specialized skills that you can call. Do not assume that a customer knows all your skills. The more relevant the better the experience: if you've worked on the street or his building before, or in a similar house style, let him know.


Are you a professional

Certification gives confidence to new customers, which is essential for managing good relationships. Certification also provides vital protection and support. Mention relevant associations, along with professional insurances and guarantees that can pass on extra trust.


You're direct.

Painting and decorating can be disturbing. Be direct about it, but let customers know how you work: do you take things away at the end of the day or clean everything up on the spot? If they know how you work (and with whom), it will be easier to imagine what it's like to have you working at home.


You are inspiring.

People connect with stories, so find ways to tell them in your business. It can be by means of before and after images of previous work of different paint finishes  and styles that you can make or by testimonials from satisfied customers. So make good use of your showcase  . New prospects want to know if you'll be as excited as they are about the possibilities for space.


You are approachable

If you are easy to find and have an online presence, the customer will know that your business is lasting. Direct it to your site, if you have one, or for social networking accounts  . Have a physical address on business cards with phone numbers and social media accounts.